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History of the Xenarthra Programme

Loesje de baby luiaard wordt speciale melk gevoerd.

The establishment in 2005 of this project was to convey a conservation message by means of creating an education and sustainable product. This message has three layers, first, sloths are beautiful and gentle animals, which should be appreciated by all Surinamers; second, people should not take animals from the wild or from their mothers to live with people; and third, awareness-raising about habitat loss. The ultimate goal of this project is to have children and adults rediscover their bond with nature and their own humanity and compassion by means of an original Surinamese product. The Green Heritage Fund Suriname is convinced that if we are not able of restoring this bond we will ultimately hamper the survival of the human species. The situation of the sloth goes hand in hand with making people more aware of the threat that habitat loss means to all species, including humans.

You can purchase the book of Lucia Sloth, "Charlize goes to the Forest" here...

Lucia Sloth

Lucia, a sloth orphan, was brought to the Animal Protection Society by a woman who had seized the animal from a vagrant. The Animal Protection Society Suriname especially caters to traditional pets, such as dogs and cats. None of the shelters that were available at the time had room for a wild animal. M. Pool then offered to take care of this animal. It became immediately clear that there was little expertise in the field of rehabilitation care for three-toed sloths (Bradypus tridactylus) and their biology, as well as what is happening to them as a result of habitat loss. This project tries to fill that gap.