GHFS jun2008 25prc

The Xenarthra is the order of animals that includes the sloths (2 species), armadillos (9 species) and anteaters (3 species). The Xenarthra Programme of the foundation is involved in the shelter, care, reha- bilitation and release of these animals. This means that orphaned and distressed animals are adopted temporarily.

The mission statement of this programme is:

The preservation and protection of Xenarthra and their habitat in Suriname by means of shelter, rehabilitation, education and information.


The general goals of this programme are:

●Shelter and Rehabilitation of Xenarthra

●Education and Information

●Habitat protection

specific goals:

●Professionalize the care and shelter of the animals

●Construction, maintenance and staffing of a professional shelter

●Establishment of a knowledge centre for the shelter and in situ conservation