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Suriname is located on the northeastern coast of South America bordering on Brazil in the South, French Guiana in the East and Guyana in the West. The northern border of Suriname is a 380 km coastline characterized by alternating mudflats and sandy beaches. From east to west, four major rivers flow into the Atlantic ocean, respectively the Marowijne, Suriname, Coppename and Corantijn Rivers. The estuaries of these rivers all consist of a confluence of at least one minor contributing river at close proximity to the outflow of these major rivers into the ocean. The contributing rivers are always located on the eastern bank and are from east to west respectively the Mana (located in French Guiana), Commewijne, Saramacca and Nickerie Rivers. These four estuaries with contributing rivers are prime habitat for West Indian Manatees. Manatees have not been recorded on the coastline of Suriname, perhaps because of a lack of appropriate habitat, e.g. the shallow mudflats and sandy beaches and lack of edible vegetation types, but may simply have been missed because of insufficient research in these habitats.

Incorrect use of the IUCN Classification may lead to bad management decisions. The Case of the Trichechus manatus manatus in Suriname 

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