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Supporting Green Heritage Fund Suriname
You can support Green Heritage Fund Suriname in different manners.


You can make a donation by transferring your gift to one of our accounts in Suriname or in the Netherlands with our sister foundation. You can also donate through our paypal account here:


Becoming a Volunteer

We always need people that can help us with physical labour, time, with their moral support. And this can be on site, but also from a distance. Sometimes we need extra hands with the care of the animals, but more often it is about practical tasks we do not have time to do. We are thinking of fund-raising activities, maintenance work on animal enclosures and the center, translation of website pages in other languages, etc. Your expertise could mean a welcome contribution to our work! And for some of these you do not have to come all the way to Suriname. If you like to support us on location we request a minimum time effort of 2 weeks

Current Needs:

Currently we are working on the new rehabilitation center for the animals, the Xenarthra Rehabilitation Center. The Center will be constructed using sea containers and wooden structures for animal shelter, research and accommodation for the manager. For that reason we are looking for people having experience with welding, carpentry, and the installation of electricity and water.

Let us know what you can and want to do, and we will see how we can use your volunteer work. Fill out the online form and if you have additional question you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Buying Products to help us Fundraise

We also have nice products that we sell, such as t-shirts of the dolphin programme, mugs, t-shirts of the xenarthra programme, mugs, books, including: Charlize goes to the forest, and Pool House Sloths written by Sharanya Sarathy.

Sloths and more Zazzle Store

We continuously add beautiful and funny products to our zazzle store that you can purchase online and which you can customize to make it a personal gift.



Book your Travel to Suriname through Suriname Holidays 

Suriname Holidays has made a commitment to our foundation that for each trip that is booked through them, they will make a donation to our foundation. And in case you have children, Suriname Holidays will also give you the book Charlize goes to the Forest to prepare the children for their trip to Suriname.