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The Dolphin Programme

What is that?

The Dolphin Programme is a community monitoring programme which is executed every Sunday by a group of volunteers of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname. There is an opportunity for guests to join the research trips (maximum of 10 people per trip). The goal is to allow guests to experience the research first hand and secure funding for the research trips. The volunteers also provide information about the research, the dolphins and the estuary.

The research is conducted in the Suriname River Estuary between Leonsberg and Braamspunt. There are alternately moring and afternoon trips. For the morning trips, the boat departs from Leonsberg at 7:00 am and heads towards Braamspunt. Along the way research is conducted every time dolphins are spotted. After arrival at Braamspunt guests are invited to go for a walk on the beach and for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean at high tide. The boat heads back to Leonsberg at around 11:00 and arrives depending on the tide around 12:00. The afternoon trips are between 16:00 and 19:00. The research boat leaves Leonsberg at 16:00 and heads toward the river mouth in search for dolphins in the same manner as the morning trips. If time permits a stop is made at the Braamspunt beach.

How do I join a trip?

Please place your reservations on time by either calling our office at (597) 402758 or by mailing toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The payment for reservations must be made in advance at the Hofstraat 104B (at CleanIt). The price per person is SRD 80 (€20,-); residents receive a discount of 25% , thus paying SRD 60,- per person.

What if I want to take my kids along?

Kids below the age of four are not allowed on the trips. The price for the kids is the same as for the adults. If you are taking kids along please let us know their age so we can make sure to have life vests in the right sizes available.

Do I need to take care of anything for the trip?

Coffee and tea are served during the trip, but please make sure to take your own food and other drinks with you.

It is mandatory to put on a life vest during the trip!



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