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The Marine Mammal Baseline Assessment and Monitoring Programme

What is that?

The baseline assessment and monitoring plan of marine mammals is conducted within the context of the Suriname Coastal Protected Areas Project (SCPAM). The marine mammals that this plan focuses on are not indicator species identified in the Suriname Coastal Protected Areas Plan. However, under Output 1.4 of the SCPAM it is proposed to establish a monitoring and evaluation system for coastal zone protected areas. Information to be gathered for this purpose include the status of globally significant and indicator species. The Guiana Dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) and the Antillean Manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) fall in these categories. The Guiana Dolphin is listed by IUCN as Data Deficient and the Antillean Manatee as Endangered; they are flagship species and can potentially be considered as indicators of the status of the ecosystem. Different studies suggest that both species have value as sentinel species.

This monitoring plan consist of three parts:

    1. Baseline assessment to determine the distribution, habitat use and sighting rates of Guiana dolphins and the Antillean Manatee along the coast and the coastal zone of Suriname (see map).
    2. Evaluating and monitoring at regular intervals the populations of Guiana dolphins and Antillean Manatees with the goal of verifying the conservation status of their population.
    3. Establishment of the Marine Mammal Response Network to train multiple stakeholders along the coast of Suriname to respond and record stranding events, entanglements, animals struck by vessels and unusual mortality events of marine mammals.This network will also provide outreach and education about the Guiana dolphins and Antillean manatees to various stakeholders. 

How can I contribute to this program?

We welcome anyone that can help gather opportunistic data or maybe participate in the surveys we will be conducting. In case you wish to contribute by providing opportunistic sightings, please contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can tell you precisely what to collect for us. In general, to contribute sightings to our program, we need to know at least a location, date, hour, and number of animals sighted, and the species. We preferably would like to have a picture, and GPS coordinates. In case you are interested to be part of the stranding network please contact us as well.

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